About Laney Advisors

Welcome to Laney Advisors, Ltd.
an independent consulting firm providing health and life insurance and consulting for special projects for individuals, families and small businesses.

Located in Puyallup, Washington, Laney Advisors has clients throughout the state. The Laney family has played a key role in Washington’s employee benefits and consulting marketplace since 1923.


  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Employee Benefits
  • College Planning
  • Fixed annuities

Peter Laney is a Certified Financial Planner® professional and a licensed life and disability agent, here’s what my clients have said matters to them:
Because my business doesn’t have expensive monthly overhead, I don’t need to make a sale every time I sit down with someone. While only about a mile from the freeway, my office is located on 19 acres of beautiful wetlands with a great view of Mt. Rainier. It’s a relaxing environment that clients love to visit.   That makes a difference.
More to the point, my clients put their trust in me because:

I understand that there are a good many things in life that most folks don’t care that much about. That’s why it’s a good idea to get to know a few experts – people you can count on to give you the “straight scoop” without making you feel stupid.  The best compliments I get from my clients are their referrals. So, here’s my challenge to you: contact me with your health or life insurance question or special projects issue and see if you like my response. We can go from there.